Street arts are alive and every year they are stronger. It is time to leave the nest, fly and reach new horizons. They are getting closer, they cross the sky and soon they will pass through the streets of Lekeitio. Lekeitio’s International Street Arts Festival celebrates its 33rd edition and presents a program that will surprise the audience.

The sections

As in previous years, at KALEKA there will be three lines of work divided into sections: KALEKA Oficial, KALEKAz Blai and KALEKA Scratch.

KALEKA Oficial brings together the work of companies and groups that work in different formats.

KALEKA Scratch brings together works in the process of development or creation, providing spaces for creative exchange between cultural agents, artists, viewers, etc. Scratch assumes the proposals presented through a wide call.

KALEKAz Blai includes actions related to experimentation and the direct participation of the public.