The deadline for submitting proposals to participate in the KALEKA Scratch section of the 34th edition of KALEKA. Lekeitio International Street Theater Festival’ is open from 20th October to 10th December 2023

The 34th edition of KALEKA will be held on july 2024.


KALEKA’s call for proposal is open to companies, artists, collectives, professional groups and / or any other type of authorship that use the public space or spaces of singular character as an ideal medium for the implementation of the creation works carried out nowadays.

KALEKA will consider those works from any discipline that could be classified within  the “street arts” category. Likewise, proposals that have the public space as a means of development and public presentation, without being strictly included in the aforementioned category, will also be considered for selection.

Selection criteria

The festival of Lekeitio is formulated as an event of contemporary creation in its multiple expressions and disciplines. Therefore, the selection criteria are focused on aspects such as:

  1. Degree of adaptation to the framework proposed by KALEKA.
  2. Degree of adaptation of the proposals and their development to the social and geographical context of Lekeitio.
  3. As KALEKA does not adhere to any specific discipline or format, proposals will be subject to priorities such as:
    1. the orientation of the proposals to diverse and intergenerational audiences
    2. the novelty of the proposal
    3. new forms of interaction and participation
    4. use of material and non-material resources of the environment

Submission of proposals and resolution

KALEKA will accept submission of proposals exclusively through the online form. Proposals sent by mail or any other means that is not the online form will not be considered.

After the submission, a confirmation note will be sent.

The selection process will be carried out in january 2024

The result of your submission will be notified by mail to the applicant proposal.

*If the proposal is selected, the images provided in the application could be used for the proposal’s or festival’s  informative and promotional purposes.